Monday, October 29, 2012

Why Guest Posts are a Winning Formula

Guest posting means that you are writing content for someone else’s website.  I do this for my own sites as a method of networking, exposing more people to my site and boosting search engine optimization.  I find other blogs within my niche and reach out to them to see if I can contribute to their blog as a guest poster (there are SEO companies that provide guest posting services).  This increases SEO because in return for writing content the blog owner will allow you to put a backlink into the guest post that points to your website.  This is a great way to get backlinks from high page rank sites.  These are some of the strongest backlinks you can get and some website owners may even ask you to pay for the link which may be worth it.  

For me this means I may contact other businesses in my industry to see if they would be willing to trade content for a backlink.  This is a tactic that I learned from a well regarded Michigan SEO company that I contacted to see if I could afford to outsource this or do it on my own.  This usually works because it is a win for everyone.  Since my site is well regarded by Google it looks good for another site to link to me.  It also increases my authority by having such a high quality backlink, and oh ya, they get a great post written by me.  What could be better?

The first step is reaching out to website owners.  Check the ‘contact us’ section of the website in question for an email address or a phone number.  Try starting with people you already have contact with who own a website.  Once you have the ok to write a guest post you have to make sure that it is high quality, well written and factual.  You kind of put your butt on the line because if your post gets posted with a backlink to your site and then removed, it could back fire for SEO purposes.

I like to write the guest post first which allows me to write it with no pressure, edit it until I am satisfied and then present it with my inquiry.  If they have a good post to read it will make it hard for them to say no.  It is hard to get top quality content these days and they know it is a win win.  If they say no, take your guest post to someone else and keep trying until someone agrees.

A local SEO company would do this by sharing guest posts with other SEO companies via blogs.  Writing an article about my experience that adds a little humor with great advice is an easy way to get a high quality backlink.  Try it out, you will not only network with many great site owners but you will be helping out your SEO cause as well.


  1. Cardoza,
    This is an excellant idea I never thought of. It is nice to run across your post. Oh I found your post by you leaving a comment on my blo. Another way to find backlinks is by using google alerts. I have had fantastic results by folloing the alerts for related keywords. I am testing listbuilding right now. Thanks, Nick Anderson

  2. Exactly!!! I have also started guest posting from February'2013 for my various projects to get a boost up in search engine.